Highlights of SoCal

On Saturday, March 4th, four girls met at a Starbucks in Oceanside; coming from as far as Chula Vista and Hemet (as well as one guy who had seen the event Brittnay Morrow had shared). After spending some time sipping coffee and chatting, they geared up to top off on fuel before hitting the road.

The route took the girls (and guy) briefly up Pacific Coast Highway before taking California State Route 76 east. Bypassing Palomar Mountain’s South and East grades and Lake Henshaw, the girls hung a left on California State Route 79 to San Felipe Road before hopping onto Montezuma Valley Road into Borrego Springs.

The ride out was uneventful (in a good way) for the most part, save for the liberal a** chewing a motorist got from Brittany for driving down the 8% grade at 25mph without using any of the turn outs.

The girls decided to have lunch at Carlee’s Place before the photo op, in light of a much needed potty break. After a course of burgers and chicken wings, they geared back up and headed north on Borrego Springs Road to Galleta Meadows to check out the art sculptures. Brittnay did an excellent job positioning the five motorcycles together around iron sculptures of camels, elephants, a grasshopper and scorpion, and a dragon before calling it a day and heading back home.

Heading back the way they came, Brittnay split from the group to continue down Route 79 to return to Hemet, as the three other girls (and guy) took the opposite direction towards Santa Ysabel. It got cold quick! They took a short break in Santa Ysabel to give Marty (a girl) a chance to put her sweat pants and hoodie back on instead of freezing on the way home. Because Austin (the guy) and Marty both lived in Chula Vista, Oki provided them with guidance on the easiest way for them to get back south, before she and Teri headed west on Route 78 towards Ramona before cutting through Escondido on their way back to Oceanside and Carlsbad, respectively.

Everyone make it home in one piece with no incidents, which is always a fantastic ride.

Thank you all who were able to make it; we definitely missed some of our regulars! Hopefully, they’ll make the next one! =)