Welcome to GirlClutch!!!

Clutch [kluhch]

– noun

  1. Automotive, Machinery. a control, as a pedal, for operating this mechanism.
  2. Clutch bag. a woman’s small purse that can be carried in the hand and usually has no handle or strap.

– adjective

  1. dependable in crucial situations (a clutch player)

GirlClutch is a community designed to support lady riders of all abilities and styles from sportbikes to cruisers to dirt bikes, and everything in between.  We welcome solo riders, as well as girls already affiliated with a Motorcycle Club.

GirlClutch holds monthly rides and other events which allow lady riders to meet and connect with other lady riders.  GirlClutch not only allows lady riders to relate to each other by having a passion for motorcycles, but also to learn from each other in regard to bike maintenance and riding skills.

The lady rider community has steadily grown, but we are still a minority.  I started riding in 2008, and have met a few wonderful ladies on 2 wheels, and even came across a number of groups formed to bring lady riders together.  However, these groups rarely (if ever) went on rides.  Their events tended to be focused more on the destination, rather than the ride, which wasn’t what I was looking for in a riding group.  I love the freedom of the road, and the camaraderie of having fellow female riders with me on rides, that I decided I would take it into my own hands to create a community, a sisterhood of female riders, who would not only relate by talking about their bikes, but also by going on rides together, getting to know each other and realizing that we lady riders aren’t on our own.  So began GirlClutch.

So here, I welcome you to join our community of lady riders to share experiences, opinions and advice on motorcycles and life in general, along with other benefits of being a part of a sisterhood that our male counterparts simply can’t provide us women.


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